Swarun Kumar

Swarun Kumar, Sathaye Family Foundation Associate Professor, CMU

Swarun Kumar
Sathaye Family Foundation Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Carnegie Mellon University

Office: CIC Rm. 4113,
4720 Forbes Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Email: swarun [at] cmu [dot] edu

Assistant: Dawn Sienko,
Email: dsienko [at] andrew [dot] cmu [dot] edu
Phone: (412)-268-9192

I am the Sathaye Family Foundation Associate Professor at Carnegie Mellon University's ECE department, with an affiliate appointment in the CS department, the HCI Insitute and Cylab. My research builds next-generation wireless network protocols and services. I lead the Emerging Wireless Technologies (WiTech) lab at CMU. I am a recipient of the 2021 SIGBED Early Career Researcher award, the NSF CAREER award and Google Faculty Research award. I received the George Sprowls Award for best Ph.D thesis in Computer Science at MIT and the President of India gold medal at IIT Madras.




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  • 18-213/613 (Computer Systems), Fall 2021
  • 18-441/741 (Computer Networks), Spring 2018-21
  • 18-859G (Wireless Networks and Mobile Systems -- DARPA SC2 Edition), Fall 2017-19
  • 18-345 (Intro to Telecommunication Networks), Spring 2017
  • 18-859F (Wireless Networks and Mobile Computing), Spring 2016




  • Diana Zhang (Graduated in 2021 to join John Hopkins University - Applied Physics Lab)
  • Akshay Gadre (Graduated in 2022 to join as Assistant Professor at University of Washington)
  • Haojian Jin (co-advised with Prof. Jason Hong; Graduated in 2022 to join as Assistant Professor at UC San Diego)
  • Jingxian Wang (Graduated in 2022 to join Microsoft Research and later as Assistant Professor at NUS)