Swarun Kumar


Dr. Kumar and the WiTech Lab have actively engaged with both educators and K-12 students to raise awareness in computer networking. Dr. Kumar is a regular presenter (since 2017) for two long-standing CMU programs: the Engineering Summer Camp and the Science and Engineering Sampler, which bring elementary through high school students to campus to get an introduction to engineering research.
Dr. Kumar is also a regular speaker for the seminar series: "Research@ CMU" where he speaks to middle and high school educators about incorporating computer networking concepts in their classrooms. These seminars expose educators to state-of-the-art advances in wireless networking, including demos and videos that can be used in their classrooms. For more details, please contact the Gelfand Center, which organizes these programs.
PI Kumar's students are regular volunterers in ECE SPARK Satudays. SPARK Saturdays is a program created by ECE Outreach that aims to introduce high school students to concepts within the field of electrical and computer engineering and expose them to engineering as a potential career choice. There are typically six labs, held on Carnegie Mellon's campus each semester, including a lab on building circuits with LEDs and that can be used as radios.