Swarun Kumar

This webpage contains instructions to set up our LTEye platform to get temporal PHY-layer analytics from LTE networks. The code is built for software radio platforms such as the USRP.

The alpha release of this tool decodes the bits of PDCCH, PHICH and PBCCH and PCHICH. For more information about LTEye, please refer to our paper in SIGCOMM 2014.


To perform this installation, you will need a PC or Laptop with a USRP N210 and MATLAB >=R2014b.

  1. Check out the OpenRF source code:

    svn co https://svn.csail.mit.edu/lteye

  2. Download sample data files from: [LINK]
  3. Details on how to run the MATLAB code may be found in README.txt


  • LTE Radio Analytics Made Easy and Accessible, Swarun Kumar, Ezzeldin Hamed, Dina Katabi, and Li Erran Li, ACM SIGCOMM 2014,Chicago IL [PAPER]


Swarun Kumar, Ezz Hamed, Li Erran Li and Dina Katabi