Swarun Kumar

Project: Pushing the Limits of Low-Power Wide-Area Networks

Low-Power Wide-Area Networks (LP-WANs) aim to provide wireless connectivity at extremely low data rates (kbps) over distances of several miles to devices powered by a 10-year battery. Recent years have witnessed several efforts in this space such as LoRa, SIGFOX and NB-IoT. However, today's LP-WANs struggle to cope with the scale of future IoT deployments and the significant signal attenuation posed by urban environments. The WiTech lab group's research has developed new solutions for allowing LP-WANs to scale more efficiently, achieve even longer range in urban settings and save battery life.

Video Highlight


  • SelfieStick: Towards Earth Imaging from a Low-Cost Ground Module Using LEO Satellites, Vaibhav Singh, Osman Yagan and Swarun Kumar, IPSN 2022 [PAPER] [WEBSITE]

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  • Empowering Low-Power Wide Area Networks in Urban Settings , Rashad Eletreby, Diana Zhang, Swarun Kumar, and Osman Yagan, SIGCOMM 2017 [PAPER] [SLIDES] [WEBSITE]

Project Participants

  • PI: Swarun Kumar
  • Students: Akshay Gadre, Atul Bansal, Adwait Dongare and Artur Balanuta
  • Collaborators: Prof. Anthony Rowe, Prof. Osman Yagan and Prof. Bob Iannucci