Swarun Kumar

Project Joltik: Enabling Energy-Efficient "Future-Proof" Analytics on Low-Power Wide-Area Networks

This paper presents Joltik, a framework enabling general, future-proof, and energy-efficient analytics for low power wireless sensors. Joltik is general in that it summarizes sensed data from low-power devices without making assumptions on which specific statistical metric(s) are desired at the cloud and is future-proof, meaning it supports new, unforeseen metrics. Joltik is built upon recent theoretical advances in universal sketching, which can enable a Joltik sensor node to report a compact summary of observed data to enable a large class of statistical summaries. We address key system design and implementation challenges with respect to communication, memory, and computation bottlenecks that arise in practically realizing the potential benefits of universal sketching in the low-power regime.


  • Joltik: Enabling Energy-Efficient "Future-Proof" Analytics on Low-Power Wide-Area Networks, Mingran Yang, Junbo Zhang, Akshay Gadre, Zaoxing Liu, Swarun Kumar and Vyas Sekar, MobiCom 2020 [PAPER]